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Brillionaires provides strategy, consulting, and programming to government agencies to better engage clients, improve service delivery processes and increase positive outcomes for assisted families.

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Master FSS Programing

As an FSS Service Coordinator, you love your job and want to see a real impact on the lives of the residents you serve helping them achieve economic self sufficiency.

The problem is, FSS programs were created by well-intentioned people who often lack practical experience of living in poverty and navigating its deadly pitfalls.

The FSS Master Class will walk you through the gaps that stand in the way of both participants and programs achieving their desired outcomes. Help residents reduce their fear of losing subsidies, leverage existing government benefits and create a solid viable action plan.

Hello, I 'm RW Jones

I create brilliant, millionaires-in-the-making, but I'm also known as the welfare escape artist.

I was a single mom with not 1... 2... 3... but 4 children on welfare, struggling to become financially independent. So, yes, I have firsthand knowledge about maneuvering social services, child support, court, and baby daddy drama. When I realized I couldn’t afford to take care of my own kids without the help of Uncle Sam, I became committed to being free!

But it wasn't easy. Like many of today's public housing residents, I was penalized for wanting to break free from the merciless welfare system. Every time I moved 5 steps forward, I was pushed 10 steps backwards through policies, rules, and program requirements.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, murdering my 4 children, and committing suicide, I fell to my knees and prayed ONE prayer! I asked God to get me out of this hell hole in my "right mind" and I promised that I would come back and help others like me!

Today, I stand FREE on the other side and in keeping with my promise, I want to help you get there too. I want to help teach you how to leverage your benefits, increase your household "income" and most importantly help you structure your vision.

The Brillionaire is You!

What  They Are Saying

Charles Lyons

Resident Services Director- Durham Housing Authority

"Very uplifting and very very powerful program. We highly recommend it for every housing authority. Take it home and use it, use it to the utmost."

Rose Coston

Client Services Coordinator- Wilmington Housing Authority

"Racquel gave us what's going on now! What residents can do now! It is the best thing that could have happened to Wilmington. Residents wanted more and I think I will see some changes around here."

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Creating the Climate of Independence

Are you frustrated with mediocre outcomes? Is producing bare minimum results okay for your organization? Are you ready to shift the poverty paradigm? 

Put an end to mediocrity! Download my free video and learn how self-sufficiency is more than a program, it's a climate. Learn the role everyone plays in your PHA to create a climate of independence.