Meet  RW Jones, 

The Brillionaire"


RW Jones is the "Go-To" Subject Matter Expert on all things Resident Services, Program Development, Leadership, Policy and Self-Sufficiency.

About  RW Jones

RW Jones, aka The Welfare Escape Artist, teaches low-income families how to protect and grow their income while receiving various social services benefits (i.e. Subsidized Housing, SNAP, Medicaid, etc.) 

RW recently secured more than $1.25 million dollars in HUD Grants during FY 2017 to help families remove barriers and achieve self-sufficiency.

RW brings a positive frame of reference and a unique perspective of ideas, to the poverty narrative.

A former chair of a public housing authority board of commission, a housing authority staff, and a welfare mother herself, RW Jones is the "Go-To" Subject Matter Expert on all things Resident Services, Program Development, Leadership, Policy and Self-Sufficiency.

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FSS Program Participants

Brillionaires Mindset Calls (Monthly w/FSS Program Participants

Brillionaires Mindset Patrons are either FSS/ROSS or other self-sufficiency program participants within local public housing authorities, department of social service agencies, or non -profit organizations.

Brillionaires Mindset offers technical assistance, systems navigation, and both short-term and long-term self-sufficiency strategies for residents already enrolled in self sufficiency programming.


Brillionaires Leadership Calls (w/FSS and or Resident Services Staff

Brillionaire Leadership Patrons are FSS / Resident Services Staff who work in housing authorities, community action agencies, and or other government entities and are responsible for operating and managing self-sufficiency programs that are required to meet various outcomes. Receive, real-time troubleshooting, marketing tools and techniques, and super keen insight into the families you serve.

The Race is Not Given to the Swift, But Those Who Endure to the End!!

Because Welfare is Not  Our Life, or Legacy!

As a former single welfare mother of 4, I understand the struggle many single mothers and economically disadvantaged experience in today's Public Housing.

By the Grace of God, I went from juggling bills, and bottles, to a place where I get to create and transform the lives of others through my work.

Today, I stand FREE on the other side and I want to help others get there too.

Through my speaking engagements and training services I provide strategy, consulting, and programming to government agencies to better engage clients, improve service delivery processes and increase positive outcomes for assisted families.

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