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Consulting Program

Service Delivery Process Improvements: Improving the Clients Experience

As a human services agency there is nothing better than to see your residents excelling as a result of the services you provide. However, the truth is, there are times our mindsets can get stuck believing that residents (our clients) should just be happy that we are here to offer them services and handouts. The unfortunate reality is that for many agencies the resident satisfaction is not taken into consideration.

This approach can negatively impact the work your agency is doing, harming your clients by enforcing the barriers that impede progress.

We understand what a challenge this can be, which is why our consulting services will educate your team on the pivotal points of contact that will make the greatest impact on overall success.

Our program will give you the tools you need to access strategies that streamline operation, increase staff productivity, and improve program outcomes, so you can work smarter… not harder!

Consulting Program

Simple, Safe and Effective Engagement Strategies

Increasing engagement is always a challenge for human services agency. Residents will come out if you feed them, but then many of them quickly return back to their isolated units. 

Stop feeling frustrated trying to engage your residents, and instead take steps to ensure your engagement strategy (if you have one) is more than a "check the box", static document. 

During this consulting session, take inventory of what’s working and not, and explore different areas where we can boost engagement and overall participation in the day-to-day functions that empower residents to achieve.

Consulting Program

Establishing a Family Self-Sufficiency Program for HUD Multifamily Dwellings

Owners of privately-owned HUD assisted multifamily housing with Section 8 contracts can voluntarily establish and operate an FSS program at their housing sites.

HUD provides the technical assistance you need to set up your FSS infrastructure, calculate your escrow, etc. And while much of what HUD teaches is practical in theory, it does not play out well on the ground in the lives of our residents and the challenges they battle daily. 

Why go through all this technical work only to have a few residents start your program while you struggle to keep them motivated? 

Having once been a welfare mom myself, I will teach you first-hand how to effectively communicate and promote the message of achieving of economic freedom. While HUD trainers are great at teaching "the technical stuff", many of them simply lack a real world perspective for residents to follow. In my session, I give you keen and unique insights into the MINDSET of poverty and adequate, appropriate tools to combat this enemy of wealth creation.

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