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If you are looking to better serve your residents and move them into action., our interactive and informative workshops, consulting services, and training programs have you covered!

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Our workshops range between 1 and 2 hours.

For Agencies

Fostering the Climate of Independence

Self Sufficiency is more than the title to a program. It is a MINDSET, a way of life and thinking–and it starts from the top.

In this workshop, you and your entire team (from the CEO to the Receptionist) will gain tremendous insight into the role each of you play in fostering the climate of independence within your agency.

In human service we go into our roles believing our residents are limited and need hand holding like small children-this is far from the case for most of the families you serve. The truth is, our residents are doing some awesome things and are capable of more than we give them credit. Your agency should be challenging residents to become better and not stay sought in their circumstance.

Learn the stark difference between the day-to-day operations and outcomes of agencies who foster dependency versus independence. Walk away with feasible strategies that can be incorporated instantly to improve your culture of independence and shift your residents into wealth and prosperity.

For Agencies

Finding the Balance: Where Does Help Begin & End With Your Clients

As an initiative of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), public housing residents are encouraged to partner with housing authorities to help improve resident satisfaction, self-help initiatives and quality of life. Residents are encouraged to help ensure safer, cleaner, more productive communities. However, it is challenging to engage residents and empower them to take ownership of their communities.

There are several obstacles which prevent residents from creating and becoming the change they desire to see. Current budget constraints limit the resources housing authorities have to develop, train and support residents in their attempt to lead and take their destinies into their own hands. Resident must have an adequate mix of appropriate training and education that gives them the tools to create and execute clear action plans for their families. 

This high-energy interactive workshop will present a keen understanding of the give and take between both the agency and the residents they serve.

For Agencies

Master Your Self-Sufficiency Program

The United States spends almost a trillion dollars fighting poverty every year and still is failing! Why is this?

While many of us have the right tools, our approach to the problems is all wrong. This failed approach has us using the wrong tools in the wrong manner.

Instantly access the missing pieces to your Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program with this interactive and intense coaching workshop that promises to close the gaps that stand in the way of both participants and programs achieving their desired outcomes.

Staff will walk away with a different mindset and understanding of FSS and the real barriers our families face. Walk away with a new set of tools to combat the variety of circumstances our residents face. Staff will be able to help families reduce their fear of losing subsidies, create a solid action plan and leverage and maximize the benefits they receive to support their household.

For Agencies

Motivating The Intake Process (Motivational Interviewing 101)

Let me guess, your calendar is booked today with a list of residents that need to either conduct their initial intake, or recertification. You have your folders with the endless documents you need signed.

If you haven’t noticed, families are programmed out and are walking into your office on auto pilot. Neither of you are expecting anything spectacular to take place during this time of engagement. They leave with plans to try to make their best life happen on their own and you call the next resident.

Sound familiar? Well., it doesn't have to be this way!

The intake interview is the first real moment you have to light the flame! And, recertifications are set to fan the flames.

What flame? The desires of the hearts you are being paid to steward! Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. It's time for a different approach.

This workshop checks in first with the interviewer! Do you need a jump start and someone to reignite your flame? What are you bringing to the table and how do we utilize the best of who you are during the interviewing process? Gain the insight you need to become more effective in your role. Know what questions to ask to help residents solve their own ambiguity. Learn to uncover those Ah-Ha moments for your residents.

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