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About FSS COORDINATORS and Residents


of residents want so very badly to get out of the "Rat Race" and would like nothing to do with Poverty and its various systems.


of service coordinators really love their jobs and want to see a real impact helping residents achieve economic self sufficiency.

Close the Gaps Standing in the Way of Success

The FSS Master Class will walk you through the gaps that stand in the way of both participants and programs achieving their desired outcomes.

This 3-day fun, interactive and intense coaching course will equip the Resident Services team with a plethora of approaches that create rockstar outcomes worthy of support and funding from local stakeholders.

The FSS Master Class Provides

Proven Best Practices

So that stay confident in delivering services that create impact.

Scalable Processes

So that your team can easily manage the new program growth!

Online Toolkits / Resources

So you can have instant and continuous access to tools that do the work for you!

Community Engagement Strategies

So that your residents are safe and have opportunities to thrive!

Communications & Marketing Strategies

So you can quickly get buy-in and participation from your residents!

Keen Insight into Mindset and Lifestyles

So you can better understand resident's needs, barriers, and adequate solutions!

Get the FSS Master Class Agenda

Help Your Residents...

Reduce The Fear of Losing Subsidies

You've worked so hard to keep residents motivated and engaged. You ensured they were on track to accomplish their FSS goals. And They Did! You got them to the finish line and with escrow check in-hand, they turn around and STAY! So afraid that they won't be prepared "if something happens". They refuse to move on.

Create A Solid and Viable Plan of Action

FSS programs were created by educated people who often lack practical experience of living in poverty and navigating its deadly pitfalls. A solid plan will reduce fear and create the motivation residents look towards when deciding to make their big leap. Residents want nothing more than to say they achieved this huge accomplishment.

Leverage Existing Government Benefits

If you have ever been on government assistance, you will know the system was not created for you to stay. The process while oftentimes humiliating also fosters scarcity thinking and limited vision. You must understand these systems to better help residents navigate over and through the loopholes.

Learn how to walk residents through overcoming this Fear!

Learn how to create a solid and feasible plan that will motivate any resident.

Learn how to help residents navigate social service systems.

FSS MasterClass Learning Objectives

Upon completion of FSS Master Class, Service Coordinators will be trained to navigate residents through the Great Escape Course components. The Great Escape Course is given FREE to agencies who register for the FSS Master Class.

How to help residents connect head and heart (skills & passions)

Help residents create and maintain life management systems

Learn about the two (2) major loopholes that propel residents into high gear

How to align residents desires with FSS program goals

Learn how to navigate residents around the Welfare Cliff

Assisting Residents in Choosing the Right Get Away Vehicle

Better understand how to motivate the 3 different resident lifestyle models

Learn effective techniques to motivate residents and keep them focused

Help residents create a viable plan that builds wealth and reduces the fear of losing subsidies

Actual Results


Residents Engaged


Increased household income


Increase in program outcomes


Satisfaction guarantee

Praise for the FSS Master Class

"Very uplifting and very very powerful program. We highly recommend it for every housing authority. Take it home and use it, use it to the utmost."

Charles Lyons


"Racquel gave us what's going on now! What residents can do now! It is the best thing that could have happened to Wilmington. Residents wanted more and I think I will see some changes around here."

Rose Coston


"When do you know seniors to sit for eight hours without complaining? My seniors sat for 8 hours for 2 days and they say this was the best training they have ever had. My staff was empowered, our residents were rejuvenated."

Marie Mhoon

Director of Community & Family Empowerment- Mobile Housing Board

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$ 4995

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