The FSS Master Class


Improve Resident  Outcomes Now With Our FSS Master Class

Residents want very much to escape poverty and its many damaging effects. Residents Service Coordinators also want very much to motivate their residents towards an achievable plan of action that leads to prosperity and wealth.

The FSS Coaching Master Class will walk you through the gaps that stand in the way of both participants and programs achieving their desired outcomes. This Coaching Course will provide Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) and ROSS Service Coordinators with the tools, techniques, strategies, and resources necessary to empower and motivate assisted residents to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our intense online coaching course will equip Service Coordinators with a plethora of approaches Service coordinators can take in creating outcomes that best speak to the needs of each of your residents.

Also, with your registration, you will get a free video on optimizing private and public partnerships in working with PCC’s, as well as creative and innovative approaches that help establish the culture of Self-Sufficiency.


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