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Because Welfare is NOT Our Life, Or Legacy!

The feelings of inadequacy, insignificance, and NOT being enough have ruled your thoughts for far too long. You are smart, you have value and purpose and most importantly you have what it takes to make your way prosperous.

This course was created to release you from frustration, anger, and stagnation; the mental gymnastics, lack, brokenness, stress, and anxiety.

FREE you from the "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" or the "Day Late, Dollar Short Syndrome.

The GEC principles and strategies work because we've successfully worked them!


Increase & Protect Household Income

In this course, you will learn how to LEVERAGE and MAINTAIN your social service benefits while INCREASING and PROTECTING household income; And...


Learn two (2) MAJOR loopholes, many case managers and social service agency's do not know!

Manage Emotions

Access the techniques to help manage your emotions, so your emotions don't manage you.

Stay Motivated

Identify your lifestyle and the best way to keep motivated and moving forward

Make a Plan

Walk away with a solid, step-by-step "Escape Plan" that places you on the path of purpose and destiny.

Meet  the Welfare Escape Artist!

R.W. Jones, The Brillionaire is also known as the "Welfare Escape Artist" because she's helped thousands of women use the system to beat the system.   There is NO ONE is the market teaching low-income women how to navigate a merciless system that penalizes them for wanting to become independent.  

Finally, the Right Tools-Created by Us for Us!

The Great Escape Course was created by a former welfare mom for TANF, SNAP, MEDICAID, and HOUSING SUBSIDY program participants.

Access all the MISSING Pieces!


DAY ONE: RW's Story | Answering Your Big WHY!

What's your big WHY? You will be motivated and inspired by the raw and thrilling backstory of RW Jones and why it is critical that you take the next steps in freeing yourself from the dependency of government subsidies.  


DAY TWO: The Right Get-Away Vehicles

Understanding the "Welfare Cliff" and how it was designed, you will see that employment alone will not move you towards wealth and prosperity. Learn the secrets to leveraging benefits while increasing and protecting money that comes into your household.  Discover the "TWO MAJOR LOOPHOLES"!


DAY THREE: The Welfare Escape "Exit" Strategy

We bring all elements of learning into sound, practical and feasible steps. The Escape Plan you create will put you on a solid course for the next 2 -5 years.

Our Success Stories

Not only is the struggle meant to destroy your confidence, motivation and get you off track from pursuing your purpose. But, it is designed to take you out if you let it! I love this course because it teaches you what most programs and caseworkers will not and cannot teach you. I know the course works–because I worked it. I am a few classes from completing my Master’s Degree. I run my own business and love the freedom and daily challenges that I am now equipped to conquer.

Kiwan Fitch-Webster

Small Business Owner

I remember being homeless and going down to the Department of Social Services with my son and being given a tent to sleep in the park. That was the moment, I knew that there was no way I could live like that and subject my children to such living conditions. I followed the principles and strategies of GEC and got my life on track. Today, my husband and I purchased our own home, we run a small business and I am almost complete with my Bachelors in Business Administration.

I too, am committed to helping others do the same.

Moira Washington


The principles in GEC are practical and equips you with the tools you need to break free from the bondage that the welfare system creates. I too was once a struggling single welfare mother of 4 children. Today, I have successfully completed my Ph.D. in biblical studies, I run a local non-profit and believe wholeheartedly in this course. I applied the principles and its strategy and now I am committed to helping others do the same.

Dr. Kimberly Muktarian

Non-PROFIT Leader

The Great Escape Bootcamp is a Complete Game Changer!

No more lying to your Case Managers and or juggling program requirements.

With your new knowledge and tools-you'll be able to have peace of mind, confidence, and the assurance that one day you will see your wealthy place.

Here's What You Get with Great Escape...

Powerful Mind-Blowing Content

Created by a once struggling welfare mother, RW Jones is uniquely qualified to deliver this content.

Replays for VIP's

The GEC course is recorded and will be available to VIP clients for 30 days after the Bootcamp has completed.

Easy Downloads

The course materials are easily accessible and can be accessed from any mobile, computer or laptop device.

Community & Networking

Unlimited motivation, inspiration, networking and support with our members only private Facebook group.

Resources & Referrals

While we make the path to the journey clear, it's not a cake-walk. Resources serve as road maps in case you get stuck.

E-Book & Workbook

You receive the GEC course e-book & workbook to bring things into clarity and focus outside the sessions.

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Hello, I'm RW Jones

The "Brillionaire" aka Welfare Escape Artist, and the GEC Master Coach

Creator of the Great Escape Course! I was penalized for wanting to break free from the merciless welfare system. Every time I moved 5 steps forward, I was pushed 10 steps backwards through policies, rules, and program requirements. I am uniquely qualified to deliver this niche content to you.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, murdering my 4 children, and committing suicide, I fell to my knees and prayed ONE prayer! I asked God to get me out of this hell hole in my "right mind" and I promised that I would come back and help others like me!


I look forward to working with you in the Great Escape Course!