Training & Courses

For Agencies

The FSS Master Class

Increase Outcomes by 50% in 30 Days!

The FSS Master Class will walk you through the gaps that stand in the way of both participants and programs achieving their desired outcomes. You will get adequate knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to move your residents into action.

This fun, interactive and intense online coaching course will equip the Resident Services team with a plethora of approaches that create rockstar outcomes worthy of support and funding from local stakeholders.

  • Learn how to walk residents through overcoming this Fear!
  • Learn how to create a solid and feasible plan that will motivate any resident.
  • Learn how to help residents navigate social service systems.

For Residents

The Great Escape Course

Because welfare is not our life, or legacy!

The feelings of inadequacy, insignificance, and NOT being enough have ruled your thoughts for far too long. You are smart, you have value and purpose and most importantly you have what it takes to make your way prosperous.

This course was created to release you from frustration, anger, and stagnation; the mental gymnastics, lack, brokenness, stress, and anxiety.

The GEC principles and strategies work because we've successfully worked them!  Access the freedom, purpose, and prosperity you and your children deserve.

  • Learn how to LEVERAGE and MAINTAIN your social service benefits while INCREASING and PROTECTING household income
  • Learn two (2) MAJOR loopholes, many case managers and social service agency's do not know!
  • Walk away with a solid, step-by-step "Escape Plan" that places you on the path of purpose and destiny.

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